Cholas x Chulas

Hardware Eyeliner & 90's Brows

The first-ever studded eyeliner and brow strips for her,him, and us.

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Who's your ride-or-die?

Check out our Ride-Or-Die Beauty Kits, ideal for basic AF days that need to get turnt up.

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Amplify the details

A gold-leaf inspired formula with an insane reflective metalic finish. An ideal play of color for the artist in you.

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Illegal Threads

Your favorite designer brands like you've never seen them before. Humble. Affordable. Durable.

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Skin Hydrating Color

Sleek, luminous, 3D color that melt on to the skin like butter. A unique formula infused with cannabis extract (hemp oil) that hydrate the skin so your makeup never looks cakey. Use as highlighter, eyeshadow, or lip glaze.


Load up on the hottest adornments, created exclusively for you!

We live in make believe

A unique gold-leaf like texture with an insane (reflective) metallic finish. An ideal play of color for the artist in you. FREE surrealist temporay tattoos included with purchase!

New Shade!

Three-dimensional color in a glossy wet shimmery finish. A shade inspired by the native surf and warm nights of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. Multi-use glaze, use as sheer bronzer on cheek, powder lip color, and eyeshadow.

Vegan | Cruelty Free | Limited

ūüĆłūü§ó CUTEST GIFT EVER! ūüĆľūüí¶

Turning your bathing ritual into a cute, holistic experience with our signature¬†Soap-On-A-Rope Friendship Bracelets¬†handwoven by artisans in Chiapas, Mexico. Available in four styles ‚Äď collect them all!

Insatiable. Raw Petals. Soft Cedar Wood
Scent Type: Warm + Lusty 

Did my heart love 'til now?

Romeo Ring


Chunky blinged-out acrylic rings inspired by the decadence of the Montagues and Capulets. Snag this limited cross-star lover-inspired ring set before they're all gone.

Ring sizes: 7 & 8