Cholas x Chulas

1st Latinx Beauty Brand

From our provocative name to our extra AF personality, Cholas x Chulas is not your tia’s beauty brand. We are the first Latinx beauty brand. We speak Spanglish, we make our own rules and smash beauty norms. Our beauty ethos is self-expression versus makeup trends that cultivates a pipeline of badass novelty beauty products.

Cholas x Chulas operates between Mexico City and Los Angeles. We strive to bridge the cultural gap between the Latinx community in the US and Latin America by showcasing people, places, and alternative lifestyles from opposite sides of the border and thus creating a beauty brand that goes skin deep. Our social media stems from real-life experiences. We share a non-bias, inclusive view of the world with a Latinx filter. 

Tune-in every Sunday afternoon to enjoy a crash course in Spanish 101 featured in our Instagram stories.